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About Human First

Everyone around the globe thinks for a better place to live. Human First authorizes you to raise money for anything that matters to you. We at Human First provide individuals and organizations with a platform to launch their new and innovative products.

From individual causes and events to projects and more, we’ve helped people from all over the world to raise millions online.With fundraising for all, we create a place where individuals, organizations, and nonprofits can develop extraordinary ways and raise money to make a permanent impact.

We’re dedicated to making the lives of our campaign owners, funders, and visitors happier and enriched. That could be helping you raise money for critical medical expenditures, or to launch an exciting new business. Being a part of so many personal and impactful plans, projects and causes drive us to do what we do.

We read the comments of our fundraiser, see their updates, and get extremely excited when a fundraiser reaches their target.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to take part in philanthropic causes and empower individuals to work on network-based platform by showcasing the situation to prospective patrons.


Why Us?

  • Raise for Legal Purpose
  • Simple Process
  • Reliable
  • 24*7 Support/Assistance
  • Exemption from Tax Deductions for Donors
  • Exemption from Taxation for Fundraisers
  • Hassle-free Fund Withdrawal

Our Initiatives

1.Health Care

Health Crisis is a difficult situation that affects the entire planet. Health crisis generally have significant impact on community health, loss of life and on the economy. Now and again, Health Crisis is increases at a greater pace, as a result, medical coverage and investment funds are insufficient to cover the costly bills. With the changing lifestyle and raising number of people suffering from critical illness, Human First are an efficient way to raise funds from multiple people and get the best medical treatment.


Access to education should not be dependent on wealth. To overcome issues of poverty, low-income students and individuals who can’t afford basic or higher education without an education loan need significant additional funds. Human First , helps you Built a future, not only to students , but to anyone across the globe. It helps individuals raise funds, who can’t afford basic or higher education without an education loan.

3.Social Welfare

Social welfare is a type of support intended to ensure that members of the society can meet basic human needs such as food and shelter. Human First provide a wide array of financial assistance by raising funds to help the individuals and families in need, including activities like food camps, health care assistance, disaster relief, empowerment, housing assistance, child care assistance, unemployment compensation throughout the world.

4.Disaster Management

Disaster Management is more than just response and relief, it is a systematic process aimed at reducing the negative impact and consequences of adverse events. It offers relief for casualty losses that result from the destruction of, or damage to your property from any sudden, unexpected, or unusual event such as a flood, storms, hurricane, tsunamis, drought , fire, earthquake, landslides or even volcanic eruption. At the very core, it not only brings everyone together but also give the courage to sustain together. Human First help to seek support from all individuals across the globe.

5.Food & Hunger (Nutrition)

In its mission to feed poor and hungry people, Human First has set up the food and hunger drive for needy people all over the world by collecting small amount from large number of supporters.

6.Girl Child Welfare

Human First help collecting assistances from multiple individuals to contribute in empowering Girl Child by providing economic stability, improving their health, security and education.

7.Donation to Orphans

Sponsoring a child, help encourage that child to transform their community. Most of the orphan’s face peer problems, emotional problems, hyperactivity and low prosocial behavior. Your help will ensure that these families have the support the need so the children can thrive. Some form of public assistance is required to provide these children with adequate food, health care, clothing, education and psychosocial support, Human First provide this support.

A little help can make bigger difference!


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