How it works

How it works?

Human First is the top community practicing funding a mission or venture. Human First make it easy to support friends, family and the causes that are essential to you through procurement of small amounts from numerous individuals for a specific cause. Outcomes can be perceived quickly unlike traditional or conservative form.  Human First works on network-based platform to invite funds for the fundraiser by showcasing the situation to prospective supporters or patron.
 Follow three simple steps to initiate funds in few minutes.

Step 1:Initiate the Pursuit/Subject

  • You need to set a goal and state how much fund is required, why it is required and for whom it is required.

Step 2:Share your Subject

  • Share the fundraiser with friends, family, large group of people through Internet, Social Media and Smart Phone Apps.

Step 3:Extract/Withdraw Funds

  • Share the progress of Fundraiser
  • Appreciate Supporters
  • Extract Funds
  • Thank Everyone!

Why Us?

  • Raise for Legal Purpose
  • Simple Process
  • Reliable
  • 24*7 Support/Assistance
  • Exemption from Tax Deductions for Donors
  • Hassle-free Fund Withdrawal

A little help can make bigger difference!


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