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Terms and Conditions


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Welcome to HumanFirst!!

Human First is a crowdfunding website that helps you to raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and events to projects and more, we've assisted individuals from all over the globe to raise millions online.

By using this Site and its Services, in addition to any Additional Policies applicable to any particular points, content, and functionality of the Services (incorporated into the Terms by reference), offered by Human First, users are to be bound by these Terms.

We may alter these terms from time to time. If we do, we will inform you about any material changes, either by notifying you on the Site or by sending you an email. New versions of the terms will never apply retroactively—we’ll notify you of the exact date they go into effect. If you keep using Human First after a change, that means you accept the new terms.

1. How to create an Account?

You can browse Human First without enrolling for an account. But to use some of the key features, you’ll need to register, choose a username, and set a password. When you do that, the information you give us ought to be accurate and complete. Don’t imitate anyone else or pick names that are offensive or that disrupt anyone’s rights. 

If you do not abide by these rules, we may cancel your account.

You would be responsible for all the activity on your account, and for keeping your password secret. If you find out that someone used your account without your permission, you should report it to us.

To sign up for an account, you must be at least 18 years old to form a binding contract, and if necessary, we may ask for your proof of age.

You should not distribute unsolicited or illegal advertising or promotional material or any junk mail, spam, or chain letters. Do not run mail lists or any kind-of spam on or through the Site.

Do not do anything that threatens, harass, defame, and tortures someone's privacy.

Do not share software viruses or anything else (code, films, programs) designed to conflict with the proper functioning of any software, hardware, or equipment on the Site (whether it belongs to Human First or any other party)

3. How Projects Work

Human First provides a funding platform for creative projects. When a creator posts a project, they are inviting other people to form a contract with them. Anyone who supports a project is accepting the offer and forming a contract.

Human First is not a part of this contract—the contract is a direct legal agreement between creators and their backers. Here are the terms that govern that agreement:

When projects are funded, the producer must finish the project and fulfill each reward. Once a producer has done so, they have met their obligation with their backers.

If a producer is unable to finish their project and fulfill rewards, a step should be taken to find out another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers.

A producer in this position has only solved the situation and met their obligations to backers if-

  • they post an update regarding what work has been accomplished, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as proposed;
  • they work in a way to bring the project to the best possible outcome in a timeframe communicated to backers;
  • they can demonstrate that they have used funds properly and made every reasonable attempt to complete the project as promised;
  • they have been honest, and have made no material misstatements in their message to backers; and
  • they offer to return any unused funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged) or else explain how those funds will complete the project in some alternate form.

4. How Fund-Raising Work?

Charges would be applicable only when you reach the fundraising goal. Responsibility for finishing a project lies entirely with the project originator. Human First doesn’t hold funds on creators’ behalf, cannot guarantee creators’ work and does not offer refunds.

5. Our Fees

Creating an account on Human First is free. If you create a project that reaches its funding goal, we collect a 5% fee. We will not collect any fees without allowing you to review and accept them. If there are changes in the fees, we will notify you on the Site. You are responsible for paying any additional fees or taxes associated with your use of Human First.

6. Other Websites

Human First may contain links to other websites. When you access third-party websites, you do so at your risk. We don’t control or endorse those sites. Human First partners with other companies for payment processing. When you back or create a project, you are agreeing to the payment processor’s terms of service.

7. Your Intellectual Property

You grant us the right to access your content. We can use it to promote projects and display our community on the website.

You grant us the right to modify, edit, delete, translate, or reformat any of your content.

Your content should not contain any third-party copyrighted material unless you have permission from the owner of the material.

You would be paying for all royalties and any other amount which is owed to any person based on the content or Human First’s hosting of that content.

You promise if we are using your content, we are not violating anyone’s rights/ copyrights.

You are solely responsible for all the information submitted by you on the site.

You would be responsible for all the errors and omissions in the content.

8. A disagreement between campaigners and their Funders

The company has no responsibility to get involved in any disputes arising between any users or between any third party and users in connection with the site. It includes but, it is not restricted to the terms, warranties, conditions, delivery of goods, or services in association with any campaigns on the site. The company, its officers, employees, agents, successors have no role to play in claims, damages, disclosed, undisclosed, suspected, or unsuspected disputes and the service.

9. Governing Law

The Terms of Use shall be governed by and created as per the laws of India without any reference to the conflict of laws principle and disputes arising in relation shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mumbai.

10. Warranty disclaimer

Your use our services at your discretion. They are being provided to you ‘as available’, ‘as is’, and without express or implied warranty. No information or assistance either oral or written attained by you from Human First will create any warranty.

11. Indemnification

If because of you, we get sued or you break any of the promises in this agreement, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from all or any liabilities, claims, expenses including the attorney’s fee and other legal costs that arise/ relate to your use/misuse of Human First. We have the right to control any matter relating to the indemnification clause, in which you agree to corporate and help us in declaring any defenses.

12. Integration and Severability

The terms of use, online campaigner agreement, privacy policy, and any other reference material relating to the site act as the agreement between the company and you concerning the services, communications, and oral/ written/ electronic proposals. If any terms of use are found to be invalid, then the provision will be limited to the minimum extent such that it remains in full force and enforceable.

13. Miscellaneous

The terms of use are for you, can not be transferred, assigned by you except the company’s prior written consent. The company can assign, transfer, or delegate any of its rights or obligations without consent. All notices under the terms of use will be in writing and will be deemed to been duly given either personally delivered or sent by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, or when receipt is electronically confirmed, transmitted by e-mail or if sent for the next day delivery, it would be recognized overnight delivery service.

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